Activities to Introduce into New Churches

January 21, 2021

Biblical Christianity, from its inception, has remained a corporate faith, expressed through frequent gatherings. The New Testament describes many of the activities that early Christians included in their assemblies. Through the centuries, various other traditions have also been taught and practiced. When starting churches, leaders must choose activities and cultural forms that they will introduce…

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Pursuing Greatness in God’s Kingdom

September 24, 2020

Jesus’ disciples were far from perfect! From this flawed, raw material, God would “turn the world upside down.” (Acts 17:6b) This is such great news for ordinary human beings like you and me who want be used by God. There is hope for us all! Among their many flaws, the Bible tells us that Jesus’…

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Sabbath for Emotionally Healthy Leaders

September 22, 2020

It is a privilege and joy to serve Jesus and be a minister of the Good News full-time or part time. We get to. We don’t have to. However, ministry and missions can be incredibly challenging. There are more opportunities to serve and needs to be met than there are hours in a day and…

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