Coaching Purpose

The purpose of coaching is to help you achieve the vision that God has given you in the area of church-planting and disciple-making. Church-planting coaching is essentially biblical discipleship towards the goal of igniting a church-planting movement; to see the rapid and exponential multiplication of disciples making disciples and churches planting churches among a given people group or population segment. 

Coaching Process

To begin, the coach and coachee(s) will meet (In-Person, Audio/Video Call) at least once a week for about an hour. The coachee will implement agreed upon action plans during the week. The meeting frequency can be reduced over time to an as needed basis.

Coaching Flow

In general, we will follow the format listed below during our coaching meetings. However, we will always follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit:

  • Prayer
  • Update/ Review
  • Encouragement/Correction
  • Action-planning
  • Prayer

Expectations for Coachee/Coach

Of Both:

  • Will continually seek wisdom from God through personal and corporate devotion.
  • Will love and obey Jesus above all else.
  • Will pray for one another and specifically for the people you are working to reach.

Of the Coachee:

  • Will contact your coach when you have new queries, opportunities or challenges. 
  • Will report on what has happened since your last conversation.
  • Will ask for clarity on points that seem obscure, impractical or unrelated.
  • Will implement plans that you and your coach agree upon.
  • Will complete bible readings and other recommended materials.
  • Will explain reasons for failure to do the above, so your coach can adjust.

Of the Coach:

  • Will listen attentively to what you have to say.
  • Will give wisdom based on God's Word and experience.
  • Will give assignments based on your situation and goals.
  • Will be available to you beyond the scheduled coaching time.
  • Will hold you accountable to agreed upon plans and goals.
  • Will encourage, exhort and console you.