Training Resources


Being dependent and led by the Holy Spirit, being aware of what God is already doing and joining Him in His work.

MULTIPLY Prayer Guide
How to "Pray-Read" God's Word
Prayer Guide for the Lost


Finding God-prepared people, sharing Jesus stories and our testimonies, healing the sick, and leading them to follow Jesus.

The Four Responses to the Gospel
What is a Person of Peace?
Praying in the Power of the Spirit
Tell Your Story (15 second Testimony)
The 3 Circles Gospel Presentation

Making Disciples

Training disciples in ‘reach-through’ obedience-based discipleship that make disciples that reproduce.

Seven General Commands of Jesus
Stories for the Seven General Commands
Telling Jesus Stories
Four Kinds of Disciples


Gathering in small groups and training them in implementing a simple model of New Testament church.

Discovery Bible Study Outline (3/3rds)
The Three Levels of Authority
Discovery Bible Study Bookmark
Church Circle - What is a Healthy Church?

Sending Leaders

Equipping emerging leaders to pioneer in new mission fields.

Training Manual for Coaching Disciple Makers
Church Planting Training Manual
Vision Casting Mini-Stories


Seeing multiple generations of disciples, leaders and simple churches from the harvest.

Model, Assist, Watch, Leave
2 Timothy 2:2 - 4 Generations