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Key Distinctives of the Europe Multiply Team:

DMM-Focussed – Our coaching is essentially biblical discipleship towards the goal of igniting a church-planting movement; to see the rapid and exponential multiplication of disciples, leaders and simple churches among a given people group or population segment.

Action-Oriented – we invest in those that are implementing not merely talking/ learning.

Celebrating Obedience (over-the-top encouragement) – results come from doing the right things consistently over time.

Clarify Definition and Understandings – we use common language and understand what is meant.

Correction/ Disrupt Harmful Patterns – coachees often need to detox/unlearn theology, tradition or methods that are holding them back. (Teachability and Dissatisfaction with the religious status quo are key)

‘Reach Through” Discipleship – fruitful, high-capacity leaders can actually hinder movement by not releasing control. Success is in generations not numbers.

7 General Commands of Jesus – this is foundational to all discipleship and church formation and health. We never graduate from loving obedience to Jesus.

Simple Coaching Model (See Luke 10:1-28):
1. Prayer
2. Update/ Review
3. Action-planning
4. Encouragement/Correction
5. Prayer